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ALAG Monthly Meet-up

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

ALAG Monthly meet-up is for like-minded people coming together to share their experience, skills, knowledge while we workout together, train on various aspects and build the community of amazing women who aspire to explore the world of adventures and outdoors.

What do we do?

We learn something new, follow each other, share personal journey and more. We meet in public places such as parks or café and indulge in aspiring conversations which leads to many other adventures.

Here’s how you can be part of ALAG meet-ups:

  1. Subscribe yourself on Contact page

  2. Get notified via email

  3. Follow ALAG Adventures on Instagram & Facebook to get notified on latest events

  4. Register for next event on our Events page

  5. Join like minded community, "Explore | Connect | Share"

Also, you can get in touch with us at ALAG@NTHADVENTURES.COM

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