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A fitness lifestyle - POSSIBLE

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Last ALAG Meet-up we had Ms. Ashwini who competed her one of the dream Marathon in Ladakh 2019. She is a passionate marathon runner, hiker and professionally an aspiring CA. She is with ALAG to:

  1. Share her running experience (On one of the highest Marathon of the world)

  2. How to get started (All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy)

  3. Easy-to-do fitness regime (Home maker or working professionals, we all can do it)

Let's here from her;

I started as a regular jogger 3 years ago, which continued for 2 months, but as soon as I switched to the longer distances and got acclimated to the mileage, I had moments and runs where I felt amazing! Even now when I'm training, that feeling comes and goes. I dreamt of running Ladakh Marathon 2 years ago. It was definitely a dream came true moment when I experienced it

How to get started?

If you're an exercise newbie and hate to workout, you'll love this. Because we are not going to tell you to do those sweaty, hard exercise sessions. In fact, we will tell you about easy workouts for beginners at home or outdoors or at your office desk are better choices when you're just starting out.


  • Boosts self confidence

  • Establishes a healthy daily routine

  • Develops strong, tight muscles

  • Improves your sleep

  • Decreases your stress level

  • Burns more calories and lose weight

Easy to do workouts regime: You have nothing to lose and so much to gain, so why not begin your easy exercise program today?

Workouts at home:


Online workouts

Bodyweight training

a) incline pushups against a wall

b) 5 chair squats

c) 5 walkin lunges

Chair workout

Workouts for outdoors:

Exercising outside provides extra perks say street relieving benefits to breathing fresh air, enjoying your local park, pool or nature presence.

Aqua jog



Workouts at office desk:

Chair dips

Water bottle free weights

Back twists

Take frequent walk breaks

Arm exercises


It’s never too late to have a life you love. Don’t ever feel like you’ve missed the boat, don’t have what it takes or can’t achieve your dreams. Instead of removing your dreams, remove the doubts and fears keeping you from them. It’s never, ever too late..

So go ahead and #alagadventures and share your story. Follow ALAG Adventures on Instagram & Facebook

If you want to share your experience with ALAG in upcoming meet-ups do write to us on ALAG@NTHADVENTURE.COM

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